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A firefighter/paramedic from Lethbridge Alberta, Jason has been riding since the small age of 3 years old.  At the age of 17, Jason became part of the Honda Red Rider program and raced an XR400R. In 1999, then 18, Jason turned pro, the time and effort he has put into racing finally paying off, as he holds the longest provincial record for 1st place, with 2019 being 19 years at the top provincially, plus that big number 1 plate from the 2010 & 2015 CEC's (Canadian Enduro Championship).  Jason is now starting his 7th year with Junior Red Riders and looks forward to teaching those that want to get into the sport of dirt biking!

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Brittany has been with Jason for 9 years, married 6,  and has Jason to thank for getting her into the sport that she loves oh so much! Brittany started riding 8 years ago and has no plans of quitting any time soon. Brittany has been with the Junior Red Riders program for 7 years now,  she took a step back for a year to take care of their two little girls but is looking forward to 2021 and getting back at the programs and helping those learn to ride!

Bret Profile.jpg

Bret Fazzio

Like Jason Bret works for the Lethbridge Fire Department. Its there where he met he close buddy Jason who got him into the sport of biking.

Bret started helping out with the Junior Red Riders in 2016. He has been riding for 9 years now and has a huge heart when it comes to the sport.  He has been racing for 5 years now and continues to move up in the racing world as he dedicates any spare time he has to riding. He enjoys seeing this sport grow as we work towards getting more kids into the biking world.


Logan Sage

Logan has grown up in the Red Rider program and has Jason to thank for enabling his passion for dirt biking!! Logan first experienced the Junior Red Rider program when he talked his mom into registering for a session. After the very first lesson, he was hooked!! He continued to take the Red Rider course over and over again, until he was able to get a bike of his own. Logan's desire to share the sport he loves so much with others, led to him volunteering and now coaching and mentoring with the Junior Red Rider program. Logan looks forward to racing this coming season and enjoying some days in the dirt with the riders!

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